Nick Staniforth

Nottingham Trent University
Movies, TV
  • Nick earned himself a BA in Media in Film & Television in his hometown of Nottingham in the U.K., where, contrary to what movies might tell you, no one sounds like Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe's Robin Hood. His investigation into this led him on to write for Moviepilot, Screen Rant and Jumpcut.
  • If it has the Netflix 'tudum' or the HBO static, chances are Nick's binged it and forgotten how to blink in the process. He strongly believes that nothing will ever top the story of Tony Soprano, and Penny Dreadful has one of the best episodes of television you've never seen.
  • Nick sure does love to watch the world burn as the DC/Marvel war rages on, but he also cried at the end of Y: The Last Man, and thinks that he needs Saga to continue like he needs to eat more greens.


Nick has written for Moviepilot, Screen Rant, Dexerto, and Jumpcut. He’s written video essays on how Rambo was ruined and why Top Boy might be a close runner up to be the best show ever made. He will watch a Nolan film on any sized screen because he’s such a rebel, and believes that the best trilogy in recent years has a talking ape in it.


Nick's B.A. in Media Film & Television led him to study European and British Cinema, as well as mainstream television.
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